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V.I.P. Kids Birthday parties

Inspire all your friends with a fun photoshoot creative birthday party!


This is a very special birthday party for up to 15 children ages 7 - 12 years to grow confidence in the way they think, act and look. A 4-hour session packed with fun games, photoshoots and confidence-building activities. 

Your Birthday Party will Include:

  • Professional photoshoot: 1-1 and group photoshoots for each child. The children can be as creative as they like with their fashion sense, or you could have your own theme for everyone to follow the trend. Each child will receive two digital professional edited pictures, one of themselves and one of the group.

  • Party Games:Team games to enhance energy ,inspiration and most importantly have fun. 

  • Party Food: Boss studios can do the catering for you to suit your budget this would include drinks, food, cake, party plates, knives, forks, cups, etc or you can bring your own.

  • Goodie Bags: Each child will receive a V.I.P. goodie bag at the end to take home with them and the child who’s birthday it is can give it to their friends when they are all leaving.

Package pricing depends on:

  • How many children will be attending.

  • If you would like Boss Studios to do the catering.

Please now complete the contact form and a member of the Boss team will contact you to speak to you about your booking.

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