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Where the best come together and shine

Boss Studios is a fully equipped photography studio for creatives to gain excellent quality promotional content, within the studio, we offer branding campaigns, photography packages and studio hire for everyone to gain good quality content. 


Our Mission

At Boss, our mission is to work with children and adults allowing everyone to boss up and evolve within the way they think, act, and look. We are a creative inspirational space that helps enhance personal development, success and creativity.

Our Values

We value everybody as a unique individual that comes through our door at Boss Studios. We give the best customer service and are always willing to go that extra mile to make each client feel happy and fulfilled.

Our Results

Everyone who comes to the studio always walks out our door with what they came for whether it's professional images, personal development or improved social media the results are always a level up on the ladder to success with returning customers.

Our Services

Studio Hire

You can hire our fully equipped V.I.P. studio for promotional content, creating your own workshops for your businesses or campaigns. 


A selection of empowering self-development workshops to help you evolve within the way you think, act and look. 

Campaign Branding

We offer a bespoke fashion campaign service for campaigns to help enhance your business success.

Client Reviews

"I would definitely recommend this place! You’ve got everything a photographer needs. Two rooms are an additional advantage for implementing various variants. Models also have their own space for makeup and fitting rooms. Everything is clean and tidy. The owner Celestia is a wonderful woman with a great personality. If you are looking for a great studio don’t hesitate just book you won’t regret it."

Adam Dembinski 

Adam Dembinski
Boss Studios

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